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          ABOUT US

          About> Quality Warranty


          Quality is the eternal theme and the life of the company. After years of hard work, Kunneng Optoelectronics has established an effective quality system to ensure the quality of all products in an all-round way. Our products are solemnly committed to users as follows:

          1. Product quality commitment

          1) Strictly abide by the quality standards stipulated in the contract, and perform them carefully in accordance with the terms of the contract;

          2) The quality of the products we provide strictly implements the relevant standards. Qualified products (according to different types) are used under normal conditions, and the shelf life of the entire lamp is 2 years (according to customer needs Warranty). If there is a problem with the product during the warranty period, we will provide free accessories in time;

          3) All products used are implemented with signs, certificates of conformity, factory inspection reports, and delivery notes accompanying system;

          4) We have professional after-sales service staff to provide users with professional technical advice and professional after-sales protection at any time;

          5) In the process of installation or commissioning of products or accessories, once there is a problem, the problem should be dealt with first and then the responsibility should be separated.

          2. Delivery commitment

          1) Strictly comply with the provisions of the contract, fulfill the delivery time limit, ensure the integrity of the products provided, and ensure that customers install and use as scheduled;

          2) In strict accordance with the contract, specify the delivery location and delivery method to ensure the safety of the goods;

          3) Regardless of the amount of goods, we promise to complete the supply task with quality and quantity.

          3. After-sales service commitment

          1) When we receive feedback on user quality issues, we will send professional technicians to the site for processing until the user is satisfied;

          2) During the product warranty period (operating conditions comply with the product standards or the conditions stipulated in the contract), free accessories shall be provided and spare parts and spare parts shall be provided at any time.


          Yuanbo sincerely invites dealers from all over the country to join us for a better future!

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